Google gives priority in search to mobile friendly websites

15 April 2015


You may have noticed in your Google Analytics that in many cases the number of mobile users of your website users is now exceeding the number of desktop users. If your website is not mobile friendly this means that more than half your website audience will have a poor online visitor experience. 
From April 21st Google will  start prioritising mobile-ready websites in its search results. The change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide. It will also have a significant impact on all Google search results.  Some analysts have been calling this latest change in their algorithm the "mobilegeddon" of Google.  [1]
Web design considerations - "mobile only" versus "responsive" design
There are a couple of things to think about when considering the options of a mobile only website and what we call a "responsive website" which enables your site to auto resize to the right screen size whether that's a tablet or mobile (portrait or landscape view) and a desktop.
Given how  web users switch between a mobile, tablet and desktop, a responsive site is a better long term solution and is likely to lead to less updates for different browsers, but as you're having to design for 5 screen types, it is more expensive.  Building a mobile only website may be cheaper in the short run but is likely to need more updating.
Google has prepared some recommendations[2] for those building a site that is optimised to work with mobile devices and have recommended a responsive design.
It appears that even the Fortune 500 companies are not ready for April 21st as revealed in a recent blog published by Techcrunch which shows that 44% of them do not have mobile friendly websites yet.  It's likely that April 21st will be a date to watch the action as it unfolds. 

Photo Credit: Tech Crunch

If you like to hear your news from the source here is the original Google announcement explaining their change in how they will rank websites from April 21st.
Do call us if you'd like some advice on how to be ready for the big Google algorithm change coming very soon.

photo credit: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 via photopin (license)
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