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Happy New Year from the beautiful coffee area near Pereira in Columbia.
Most towns have been busy celebrating the festive season with amazingly colourful processions and outdoor concerts which have everyone dancing around the square until the early hours. This week it’s the Manizales fiesta , hot on the heels of the famous Cali feria.
The BBC have reported[1] that the Columbian army have just completed a military operation to persuade the remaining guerrillas in the countryside to down their arms. As I mentioned in my last blog the Farc guerrillas are still holding out in certain mountainous areas but as they are likely to be suffering pretty miserable living conditions the government has decided that it might be worth trying to persuade them

[1] BBC news
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Posted: 21/12/2010 17:39:22

For a Columbian the family is one of the most important things in life and one thing that has not changed. However having recently arrived in Bogota I am amazed how the country has really changed since I was last in Columbia more than 20 years ago.
Hi tech goodies are stacked high in the shops and for a mere £1.50 you can equip yourself with a local SIM card and buy a mobile phone for £10 to stay in contact with your family and friends. Competition in the telecoms sector provides plenty of consumer advantages. One of the other benefits is widespread wifi so that I can continue to send off my blogs.
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Posted: 11/12/2010 18:33:16

If there was ever a good time to assess the benefits of home working, this week would be the perfect opportunity. I was surprised to read in Saturday’s Times[1] that a little over 690,000 employees are now working from home as I expected it to be higher. Whilst the sharing of snow stories at the coffee machine might be fun there is no doubt that home working has not yet gone mainstream. It carries a lot of benefits for those companies that have seen productivity plummet as a result of the snow, (£1billion a day lost according to The Centre for Economics and Business Research quoted by the Times.

[1] The Times 4 December 2010 Pg 59

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Posted: 07/12/2010 17:30:52

Sometimes you have a bit of a eureka moment where things start to come together so you can make better sense of the social media world. Believe me I’m still learning like everyone else on how one thing influences another. I think we have an interesting dynamic happening between blogging, search engine rankings and email which I’ve only just started to fully appreciate which has made me realise that companies  are really missing out on improved search engine rankings and customer acquisition opportunities if they do not blog and link their blogging strategy to their email plans. Read More >
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Posted: 02/12/2010 10:53:52

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