Why should my company have a blog?

02 December 2010

Sometimes you have a bit of a eureka moment where things start to come together so you can make better sense of the social media world. Believe me I’m still learning like everyone else on how one thing influences another. I think we have an interesting dynamic happening between blogging, search engine rankings and email which I’ve only just started to fully appreciate which has made me realise that companies  are really missing out on improved search engine rankings and customer acquisition opportunities if they do not blog and link their blogging strategy to their email plans.
Last week I sat in on Vanessa Fox’s seminar which was on the topic of improving your website for the search engines. Vanessa wrote the book called “Marketing in the age of Google” and she talked about the key importance of making sure that every page on your website is structured like a landing page as you never know where your customers are going to land. The discussion continued about the heat map below (originally from Jakob Nielson’s 2006 web user research[1]) that shows where clicks happen on a typical search results page. It shows that 99% of clicks are in the organic listings page and above the fold (the red line). This then means that you have limited scope to influence the results with just pay per click and search engine optimisation programmes as you need much more content to do this which closely matches the keywords your customers are using.
 Source: Jakob Nielsen 2006 F shaped pattern for reading web content
I did some follow up research and signed up for the white paper from Compendium[2] which helpfully explained how important blogging can be to your search engine optimisation strategy. With blogs you have a golden opportunity to optimise your rankings as you have so much more scope for creating better content which is much more aligned to the keywords. The content of a blog can also be far more recent and have higher engagement levels with it which can also help to improve your search engine rankings if you make sure you tag your blogs with the most appropriate keywords.
The icing on the cake is to then ensure as recommended that your blogs have an email sign up tailored to the keywords they have searched on. You also want to make sure that any email newsletters that you send to your customers are accessible to your website viewers. This will again improve your site’s rankings as the search engines will treat this as new content and rank it.
I have recently changed my website so that all my newsletters are accessible which then provides a link for those that have problems downloading their email as email servers can behave somewhat unpredictably. This also ensures that they can forward the link to a friend rather than forwarding the email itself which can get scrambled when it is forwarded on.
Anyway I would love to hear what your most important eureka moment has been on the topic of Social Media. Do share with us.

[1] http://www.useit.com/alertbox/reading_pattern.html
[2] Compendium Blogware White Paper Corporate Blogging and Email marketing Why they work together
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Martin Chillcott
Interested in the Compendium blogware white paper
03/12/2010 17:35:26

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