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I have been getting back into the world of “Social” since returning from my trip and was questioned why I'd not been very “Social” online whilst I’d been travelling. When the phone operators finally sort out offering some decent rates for mobile internet connections I will be one of the first converts..
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Posted: 25/01/2011 17:52:24

Having just returned from my very enjoyable travels around Columbia I thought I would take the opportunity to tackle a topic that comes up each year. As we set our New Year resolutions and settle on our agreed annual objectives I wanted to share some thoughts on how to determine if you have the right skills in your team for the year ahead.
Several clients are keen to know how to structure their marketing departments in light of the challenges and opportunities that social media brings so I thought I’d discuss a few new roles that have emerged and some of the skill sets you may be looking for this year.
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Posted: 18/01/2011 17:45:10

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