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Some of you may be mistaken for thinking that with all the hype about the likely launch of Google+ Project that nothing is happening with Facebook these days. However they have made quite a few changes to their network which can help those of you wanting to improve your engagement with fans, especially when they may be on the beach.
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Posted: 28/07/2011 17:43:13

“Of course it does” I hear you shout along with the 70% of businesses surveyed by IBM  recently who believe that it does. However the survey showed that only 38% of consumers agreed. We know that customer loyalty is a fickle phenomenon but this research demonstrates the current “disconnect” between our ambitions as a business and those of our customers.

As the internet landscape becomes distinctly more social I thought it worth exploring how social media is changing buyer behaviour...

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Posted: 20/07/2011 13:20:27

So what has Google’s new social network called Google+ Project got in store for us? When I read the buzz about it on Techcrunch it’s clear that many of the techies are quite excited about it and some are predicting a defection from Facebook. Let’s not get carried away though and imagine that 700m users are going to suddenly switch to Google+ Project. However Chrome claims it has over 10 million users already. That’s not a bad growth rate for what has, in effect been available, by invite only, for the past two weeks.

However one reader reminds us that we should not forget that Google has ...


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Posted: 14/07/2011 19:25:24

Last week I talked about the pearls of wisdom from Sir Terry Leahy at the Venice ITT conference. I also managed to slip away to see the Venice Biennale exhibition which is well worth a visit. It consists of about 80 halls hosted over two sites by different countries which have an artist create an “installation” for their space.  These were extremely different in more ways than one. From the eclectic mixture of Barbie dolls, magazine shrines and harrowing photos of homocides in the Swiss Hall to supersize dummy figures in the Korea hall, a stunning video show from Japan and an upturned US army tank.......

I am drawn to compare the Biennale experience to the impact of social media on so many industries. Social media enables us to share our multicultural experiences so seamlessly with each other from anywhere and yet it also throws the world upside down and leaves the advertising industry reeling from the fallout as the Fast Company article “Mayhem on Madison Avenue” so aptly captures. 

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Posted: 05/07/2011 10:02:54

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