Top 10 seasonal tips for optimising Facebook

28 July 2011

Some of you may be mistaken for thinking that with all the hype about the likely launch of Google+ Project that nothing is happening with Facebook these days. However they have made quite a few changes to their network which can help those of you wanting to improve your engagement with fans, especially when they may be on the beach.
Can anyone guess where the beautiful beach is on this image?  Please comment below and I’ll blog its location next week.
1. Use of Fangate
Firstly many companies are starting to “Fangate” their customers which means that you can hide things until your Facebook visitors press the “like” button which you may wish to start to use.  See a Lady Gaga example of fangating in my last blog.
2. Post a regional update on Facebook and use @tagging
You can now target fans in specific regions only if you want to invite only those living in a certain area to a local event. I attach a link to a useful blog by Alison Zarella on how to do this plus using @tagging to link to other Facebook pages if you have some which fans may not have liked yet.
3. Integrate your blog and Twitter Feed into Facebook
You can integrate your blog and twitter feed into Facebook to ensure that they get more readers and keep your site up to date. I attach an example below showing how you can do this

4. Maximising your “About” section
The “About” section of your Facebook page is very important as it’s visible from most pages and as you can see on the image here, it’s best to make it very easy for fans to find your web address here.
5. Focus on the newsfeeds where fans spend most time

Comscore have come out with some research showing where Facebook users spend the most time and this white paper nicely summarises that this means you need to be focusing on your news feeds and making sure that they are timed at the best possible time and are the best length.   The Inside Facebook blog nicely sums up the main findings.
6. Keep your posts short during holiday periods
Whilst many of your fans are on holiday in July and August in Europe you might want to make your posts a bit shorter so that they don’t crowd out their screens if they are reading their posts on their smartphones.
7. Updating to new Facebook groups
I’ve been working with a few clients who were operating an old Facebook group page and I have been recommending that it’s best to have a page which has the scope to do more things than you can on a group page. The key difference between both is that people “join” a Facebook group and “like” a Facebook page.  For more tips on rationalising your Facebook groups visit the Mari Smith blog on this topic.
8. Optimising and merging your Facebook Places page
If you have a physical location and have not checked out your Facebook Places Page then I recommend that you look at doing this and whether you want to merge it with your regular page. The benefits of the Facebook Places Page are that people can check in and you can offer them benefits for checking in and you can show your physical location on a map aswell. If you have two pages you can have them merged together.
9. Makes sure you download the Facebook plug ins on your website 
As I outlined in a recent webinar and blog there was a big difference (three times higher growth rate) of those travel companies using social plugins, surveyed by L2 Digital Think Tank versus those companies that were not using them.
10.  Leverage the growth of smartphone usage

As the take up of smartphones has accelerated across Europe as shown below and is still growing, as researched by Flurry Analytics, so don’t forget to make it easy for customers to book and browse your site on the move and remember to check how your Facebook posts look on a smartphone.


Please share your top tips with us and let us know what’s worked for you in Facebook and share your beach guess in comments below.
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