How can I attract lots of eyeballs to my blog?

14 June 2011

Here are some top 10 tips to improve awareness and stickiness of your blogs if you have one of those blogs with few eyeballs. If you are looking at the pros and cons of doing it yourself versus outsourcing the task to bloggers or copywriters, this blog should also help you.

1. Consistency and Content Plans matter
It’s worth checking if you have people in your business to write blogs for you but also think about your business partners, customers, suppliers and others who could help with the task. Consistency is as important as quality so it’s often best to take a team approach. Make sure you have a content plan showing key weekly themes at least two months ahead so you’re not scrambling for ideas each week.

2. Website visitors won’t read dense text
Make sure your copy has short sentences and uses subtitles as our attention span is getting shorter. Include links to improve interest and to drive inbound traffic to your website if you are hosting your blogs on 3rd party sites.

3. Ensure all posts are ranked and searchable
Ideally rank your blogs by popularity with an archive and blog titles so readers can scan quickly.

4. Add Facebook “like”  Twitter “retweet” and Linked in “share” buttons
Make it easy to share to share your content with others by adding these buttons. These help to build confidence that you have good content and will encourage others to share. Don’t forget to ask your readers to share and comment aswell.

5. Emotions count
If you want people to share your content you need to generate an emotional response so think about the emotions your copy could create. Dean Hunt features a blog that proves that appealing to emotions and lists with an average of seven points can work very well.

6. A picture often speaks a thousand words
Add a photo as this helps to build interest in your blog and can help to stimulate an emotion so people will share more.

7. Recognise your “active” readers
Keep a track of anyone who retweets or shares your content and thank them for this – send them a quick private message, it will build friendships and a community around your writing. Include links to your blogs in your email newsletters and make it easy to share them and to make a comment. Don’t make readers go through a long registration process to make a comment. Remember to ask your subscribers how they heard about you.  Thank those that are sharing your newsletters, posts and links.

8. Do your due diligence
If you are planning to outsource your writing to a blogger then make sure they have a good track record. Check on how much their existing web copy is shared and commented upon. This will give you a good indication of their ability to build engagement with readers.

9. Test your titles and blog
You can test your blog titles in Google Reader and see which key words and phrases have generated the largest number of searches. You can also test how effective your blog is by using the free tool from Hubspot called bloggrader. It will point to any weaknesses in the way your blog has been set up.

10. Create a feed
Don’t forget to ensure your blog has an RSS feed so people can subscribe to it. Submit it to sites such as feedburner and ensure you create links to your blogs on bookmarking sites like digg, delicious and stumbleupon to improve its distribution and number of eyeballs reading it.

Check closely on the level of engagement that each post creates. In many cases only 1-5% of your readers may post a comment but a higher percentage may be persuaded to share something if you ask them. If you found this blog useful, please share with others. If you would like to know more about social media then join us at our free social media webinar on Monday 27th June at 6pm GMT. Click here to find out more.

Post a comment and tell us what you issues you are wrestling with and what other topics you’d like to see covered in this social media section.


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