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I just had dinner with a friend who had flown in from Canada. He mentioned that he speaks to his kids in the UK daily but does not do facebook or anything “Social” as he felt it would take too much time. As I pondered over how people in North America could live very happily without social media I returned to my laptop to find a facebook message from an old work colleague who I had not seen in many years. However it was just that a facebook invite to connect but no dialogue or question or comment so I was left to guess what had prompted the message and it created more questions than it answered. This is using the tools but it’s not being social. It’s back to how social you make the tools and not what you use. Read More >
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Posted: 29/10/2010 01:11:56

I read with interest the recent announcement[1] on that Premier Inns have just launched their first virtual Concierge service on Twitter working with football star Gary Lineker’s wife Danielle. Whilst Hyatt has been offering concierge style services on Twitter for some time I do not know if either company have yet enabled their guests to share their Twitter profiles online and given them full access to their customer records.

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Posted: 14/10/2010 15:54:39

I read with interest the story in Mashable today on Virgin America’s offer to encourage families to send in their Awkward Family Photos in partnership with this US blog site. Read More >
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Posted: 01/10/2010 16:26:33

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