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As the news drifted across the conference room that one of the most notorious tyrants of the Middle East had been killed, I couldn’t help thinking that this welcome news for all those in Libya and the West might lead to a period of increased optimism. As contractors will be rushing to put in their bids to rebuild the country I started to think about what the country could offer in terms of tourism potential.  Whilst there are those hastily investing in Iraq it’s clear that the lessons learned here may lead to some caution in Libya, until the new government has been established. Read More >
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Posted: 25/10/2011 20:19:57

Search is going social

18 October 2011

It’s clear that despite some recent controversy surrounding the authenticity of Trip Advisor reviews as reported last month by the BBC, consumers trust reviews and tips from their friends and colleagues via social networks more than any brochure or advertising. In addition there are a raft of new travel sites which have grown up around the needs of specific customer segments such as families, couples, singles, gay or lesbian couples. Gay tourism is becoming an important and affluent travel segment for many destinations such as Rio de Janeiro, Toronto, San Francisco, Puerto Vallarta, Buenas Aires, Sydney, Bangkok, Stockholm, Amsterdam and Berlin. Read More >
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Posted: 18/10/2011 20:00:40

Going green in travel

11 October 2011

Every morning I pull the bottles, paper, and cans out of the rubbish bin and put them in the recycling bin. Now you may ask why they don’t get put in the recycle bin to start.  So far I have failed miserably to persuade my partner Dave to start recycling  so I realised I was going to need some help to write about “going green” in travel, a topic which is coming up at World Travel Market this year. Read More >
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Posted: 11/10/2011 19:16:52

September 27th was the United Nations World Tourism Day so I thought it an opportune time to be reflecting on some good news, which is that UNWTO are forecasting a 4-5% growth overall in tourist arrivals for 2011.  South America saw a very healthy 15% rise in international tourist arrivals during the first half of 2011 which I believe is an early indicator of future trends for this region. However some of you may be less aware of the steady rise in sport tourism. Since the 1980s travel companies have been able to secure tickets for large scale supporting events and package them with accommodation and transport but the pace of this growth has been difficult to quantify. Read More >
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Posted: 04/10/2011 18:41:26

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