Center Parcs

The brief

Face Marketing was commissioned to develop and roll out the Social Media Strategy for Center Parcs. The business had no social media channels in place.


Within 3 months Face Marketing had developed the overall strategy and the roadmap for the social media channels using the customer insights from the customer research. The Facebook channel was developed in 6 weeks. 

The Process

A comprehensive internal and external audit was carried out followed by 4 weeks of social media monitoring of all online conversations relating to Center Parcs.

Pain point analysis was undertaken to map the customer journey, pre, during and post trip to identify how social media channels could add value to the overall customer brand experience. Overall measurable strategic objectives and a roadmap were developed for the business.

Face Marketing worked with a core multifunctional client team and developed a train the trainer social programme to address core skill gaps in the knowledge and expertise of the team in social media and community management.

This programme included Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and a Blogging Plan and a phased rollout for each village with comprehensive social media guidelines, workshops and training on how to manage customer reviews on third party sites.  Face Marketing managed the social creative work developed by Golley Slater agency which was integrated with the TV campaign.

Process maps were developed for all social media channels to be integrated into existing customer service processes and to ensure customers reviews were collected and shared across third party review sites.


How do we measure success?
Face Marketing developed the social media dashboard used to track the success of all social media activity. The KPIs were tracked on an ongoing basis and revenues were generated from the social channel posts by week 3.  Social media has now been built into the revenue attribution model and is delivering a positive ROI.
As of October 2012 Center Parcs has  over 44,600 Facebook Fans with above average rates of engagement and 10,200 Twitter Followers.

Center Parcs is just one of the businesses benefiting from our innovative relationship approach to marketing and ecommerce. If you’d like to know how it could benefit your business, then please call on +44 (0) 20 7274 6302 or let us know how we can help.

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"Kathryn helped us get organised and start to shift our culture to kick-off our social media strategy. Her passion for the discipline is infectious and she converted many key people in our organisation at a critical early time..."

Colin Whaley
Sales & Marketing Director
Center Parcs UK

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