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Going Places

Going Places - Grow Your Market Programme

Kathryn worked with the front line agency staff to develop a market growth programme. The programme involved market research on the local social demographics of each agency and training the front line staff in core marketing skills to grow their local market opportunities.

Client Testimonial

Let’s face it, it’s tough enough keeping yourself and your team focused on meeting the demands of customers and shareholders. Every day brings its own challenges. Despite best efforts the diary can take over and before you know it the only way forward is to make small increments in service and product development. Not the best way to take your business forward.
That’s why we asked Kathryn to work with our team on a number of important projects. We needed someone to challenge our way of doing things, to ask the awkward questions and to help us to see how we can capitalise on our business today to become a bigger and better player in the future.

With Kathryn’s help we have now implemented a plan to enrol large numbers of our field force in a market growth programme which has been very successful in increasing our profit. We also have in place a development plan which will challenge more established players in our market, with new ideas, lower costs and shorter time frames to market.

John Bavister - Financial Services Director - Going Places Leisure Travel Ltd.

Going Places is just one of the travel related businesses which has benefited from our relationship driven approach to marketing planning.

If you’d like to know how to implement a new marketing growth plan for your business, then please call on +44 (0) 20 7274 6302 or let us know how we can help.

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Kathryn helped us get organised and start to shift our culture to kick-off our social media strategy. Her passion for the discipline is infectious and she converted many key people in our organisation at a critical early time. She knows her stuff and how to pass it on. I am very grateful for her contribution.

Colin Whaley
Sales & Marketing Director
Center Parcs UK

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