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There is some emerging evidence that social media marketing can assist with brand building as well as driving purchases.

Recent research carried out in March 2010 from Nielsen involving 800,000 Facebook users, 125 campaigns and 75 brand advertisers such as Virgin America, has shown how social media can improve ad recall by over 16%, brand awareness by 8% and purchase intent by 8%.

For a discussion on how social media marketing can improve your brand awareness please contact us.

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Helpful pointers for travel and marketing professionals

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What's the new star rating on Facebook pages all about?

Some of you may have noticed some blue stars appearing on your Facebook Page. You can see them in our client page example.  They are not appearing on all pages for several reasons:
1. The page owner may have turned them off, although it’s unlikely that many know how to do this
2. Your page may not have enough reviews to show a representative rating, especially if you have a small number of fans.
Facebook have been collecting fan reviews for some time and you can see they are nudging into the reviews marketplace. Given the dominance of players like Trip Advisor and the growing integration of reviews into Google maps, they are fighting for a share of this market. 

25 November 2013
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I’ve seen the future of travel

Anyone been on a trip which has really changed how you view the world? Having recently returned from the Baltics, I’ve had a taste of what the future of travel has in store. As a free spirit I never like to book more than the first couple of nights of a holiday and prefer to wait until we arrive to plan out our itinerary. The joy of wifi in just about all public areas of the main towns of Estonia was a sheer delight...

02 August 2013
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