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Integrating any new marketing or social activity into your marketing mix requires careful planning to ensure consistency of your customer’s brand experience.
Proven 4 step planning model
We use a proven 4 step planning model which ensures that integration of any new channels and marketing activity happens as smoothly as possible.
1. Discovery and Listening Phase
We include a discovery and listening phase which makes sure that we have factored in all the current market challenges and opportunities and we plan carefully about the stretch of any new marketing activity on your operations. It’s important to understand what the market perceptions are right now about your brand and the conversations going on.
2. Setting Objectives
Aligning any marketing activity to your business goals is essential and why we like to keep these top of mind when planning so that your Financial Director and your board understand how the marketing planning will improve your business.
3. How do we get there?
 Project management skills are essential for ensuring that delivery happens and we ensure that these disciplines are in place for the roll out of any new marketing activities we carry out for our clients.
4. How do we measure success?
We believe that all marketing activity should be measured which is why we believe in dashboards and regular monitoring and tracking.  
A team approach
We often work with carefully chosen cross functional client teams to ensure we drive the maximum benefit from the marketing activity chosen.
The whole customer journey
We think through the whole customer journey from the dream stage through to post purchase when planning any marketing or social activity and remember that internal communications can be as important as external.
A consistent visual brand identity
We work hard to make sure that there is also consistency in the messaging, tone of voice and visual identity of your brand across any new channels developed.
Talk to us about how we can assist with your marketing planning and ensuring you can measure tangible results from your marketing.

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