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Are you still confused about how to be successful in social media and finding it hard to attract fans and followers?

Come and join the Social Media Travel Webinar series and learn how to create a “Socially driven business”. This webinar series is specially designed to meet the needs of companies like yours in the hospitality and travel industry. 

The programme is available for purchase in 4 modules for a total cost of £49+VAT Kathryn will share her learning, developed over twenty years of working with travel clients and her 2+ years of social media knowledge with you. 

Face Marketing has provided successful seminars at the following events:
Travel Technology Show in February 2011,

Eye for Travel Social Media conference in Amsterdam in October 2011  
World Travel Market Social Media webinar series in November 2011.

HOSPA Seminar in March 2012
Tourism Management Institute Conference in May 2012
Tourism Society Seminar in June 2012

Kathryn will bring her extensive knowledge and travel industry experience to this programme as outlined in her profile below and share a raft of tools and tips on how to get the best out of social media channels.

If there is one travel industry training webinar to purchase this year – this is it. We are real practitioners and we will make sure that you leave with a full toolkit of ways to develop your social media activity in a customer centric way. We focus on strategies that are not about campaigns, software or technology box but are about planning for social in the right way. We will not bamboozle you with jargon but help you to figure out a solution that will be right for your customers.

This social media webinar is designed for:
Board Directors, Marketing Directors and Managers, VPs of Marketing, VPs of Sales, Owners, Directors, Hotel General Managers, Customer Service Directors and Managers, CIOs, Heads of Digital, CRM, VP of Online, Ecommerce and Commercial Directors and those involved in Strategy and long term planning for their organization.

Why should you buy this social media webinar series for travel companies? 

If you are struggling to launch your social media plans or are finding it a challenge to attract fans and followers you will receive many useful tips. If you are finding your channels have become “monster help desks” then this programme will help you.

We will also be supporting the workshop with membership of the Linkedin Social Media Travel Group offering opportunities to network with other colleagues in the travel industry worldwide, to share best practice and knowledge.

Industry and Sector Focus

We will be including case studies in Travel, Leisure and Hospitality.  The workshop programme is suitable for organizations and hotels engaged in business and leisure travel.

Whether your organization is large or small we will be tailoring the presentations to ensure that whatever the size of your business, there will be plenty of takeaways for you.

Here’s some delegates feedback about previous seminar sessions:
Thanks for your presentation on Wednesday; you broke the social media process down into manageable pieces and I found it very useful
Beth Alcorn,  Emirates Tours UK

“ I really enjoyed your presentation last Wednesday at Travel Technology Europe, and the insights that you delivered

Christian Tholler  IT2Travel
I just wanted to send a quick e-mail to firstly say thank you for
hosting a great workshop/seminar earlier today, I thoroughly enjoyed it....”
Zara Evans,  Skiworld

Cost and how to sign up

The webinar series is just £49 + VAT   Whether you are a travel or hospitality business, this programme will help you in ensuring your business is delivering value to your target fans and followers with lots of examples in best practice across the travel industry.

Sign up 
here  to attend the webinar series and we will contact you regarding payment options.


Watch the video above to a Face Marketing webinar on 27 June 2011 on "Best Practice in Social Media in the Travel Industry" 

Don't forget to press the white symbol to the left of Vimeo on bottom right hand corner of the video to view it on your full screen. If you liked the webinar then please "like" and "share" with your friends using buttons on top right hand side of screen.

Watch the video above to a Face Marketing seminar at Travel Technology Europe on 9 February 2011 on "How to put a social media plan together for your business."

Just sign up here to be notified about our next seminar on the following topics and let us know what you'd like to learn about.
  • How to develop a social media strategy
  • Overview of latest trends in digital marketing
  • Impact of social media on company culture
  • Commonly used social media tools and benefits
  • Scale of growth in social media
  • Frameworks and tools to use in shaping your social media plans

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