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03 Feb 2021

Where is the confidence for Summer 2021?

As a gaze out of my home office window at the rain lashing against the window pane I dream of all those places I could be.

This blog explores what the consumer research is really telling us about UK confidence to travel abroad in summer 2021 and why a back up plan is important.

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26 Nov 2020

What I learned at the Virtual World Travel Market

A run through some of the key learnings from the WTM sessions including sustainability and travel search behaviour from the dreaming stage.

A summary of recent travel trends and attitudes to travel with some thoughts on how we can rebuild consumer confidence to travel again. 

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21 Oct 2020

My 7 helpful routines for surviving lockdown

Learning from hard times can make us stronger. As we approach the longer winter nights and a second wave of Covid-19, I thought I’d share some things I’ve learned about myself and what worked for me during the first lockdown. Maybe they can help you too. I'd love to hear about things that worked for you.

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21 May 2020

Travel planning for a post Covid-19 world

Read about the core themes emerging from last week’s frank and open travel industry webinar, expertly chaired by Francesca Ecsery.

This webinar hosted by Caroline Hayward at The Chairman’s Network also stimulated further travel industry research and some extra shared insights.

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12 Feb 2020

The power and pitfalls of customer reviews

Facebook have been collecting fan reviews for some time and they now play a role in the reviews marketplace.  

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12 Feb 2020

Conversion matters but what about blog comments?

I’ve been emphasizing how important it is to constantly track and look at how you can optimise your conversion rates on your ecommerce sites.

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11 Feb 2020

The decline of organic reach - is Facebook still worth the effort?

Many of you will have noticed that less of your fans are actually seeing your organic posts – and some believe it may on average be only 4% or less of your total fan base.  

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07 Feb 2020

Google gives priority in search to mobile friendly websites

You may have noticed in your Google Analytics that in most cases the number of mobile users of your website users now exceeds the number of desktop users.

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01 Feb 2020

Which social channels will marketers focus on next?

In the bewildering array of social media channels I'm always interested to meet people who have shunned their use because they don't see their competitors using them. 

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21 Jan 2020

I’ve seen the future of travel

Anyone been on a trip which has really changed how you view the world?

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