My 7 helpful routines for surviving lockdown

Learning from hard times can make us stronger. As we approach the longer winter nights and a second wave of Covid-19, I thought I’d share some things I’ve learned about myself and what worked for me during the first lockdown.

I discovered that I’m the kind of person that needs a plan for the day and can’t survive without achieving something each day – however small!

  1. Do something that makes you feel good at least once a day.
    This included a morning meditation which came to me via WhatsApp and a kind friend Francesca, who sent me an invite to a free Deepak Chopra 21 day course of Abundance.

    Other things included baking and sharing the results with our neighbours or doing a spot of gardening. A team of us are doing some volunteer gardening with Herne Hill Welcomes Refugees and that’s fun too.

    Several friends volunteered to deliver medicines to vulnerable people in their community and said it was something they really enjoyed doing.
  2. Do something active every day.
    Whilst living in the countryside I opted for a bike ride or a walk every day which lifted my spirits and made me enjoy nature in all its glory.

    At other times I would do an online yoga class which kept me grounded and relaxed. The class ensured that I did not struggle with sitting at a desk for too long as it made me stretch out.
  3. Take pleasure in the simple things in life.
    Watching and listening to the birds in spring such as the swifts diving and swooping around the house in the early evening looking for insects, followed by the bats was a real pleasure. They were so active and this was a real joy to watch.

    For a second lockdown I’m thinking about where I might see birds which migrate to the UK for the winter months.
  4. Take time to chat with friends and neighbours
    Whilst we all had challenges with the lockdown I enjoyed talking to other friends and rather than worrying about them – speaking to them and finding out how they were doing. There is no substitute for a natter with good friends, wherever they may be.

    Getting a perspective on life on the other side of the world also helps to see situations through their eyes. Chatting over the hedge with our neighbours was also a way of coming to terms with the news and sharing our experiences of the highs and lows of lockdown life.
  5. Have a daily routine
    I found this helped with ensuring that I did not waste time and that mornings were the most fruitful part of the day so that I could relax more during the evening.
  6. Learn a new skill
    I enjoyed learning a few new skills during lockdown. One was cooking new dishes and the others were landscaping the garden, upholstery and improving my Japanese via an online Morley College course.

    I had never done any landscaping or upholstery before so it took quite a few tutorials on YouTube to figure out how to do it. My husband even used a YouTube video to make the tool I needed to do the upholstering of some old chairs.

    The landscaping was a joint project with my husband. There was a lot to learn such as the weight and size of slabs to use and types of plants and surfaces to create for the path.  I’m proud of the two new flower beds and our firepit area which has proved very popular for campfires with our neighbours.

    Sadly households are not able to mix any more in our home up north so we just have some great memories to cherish until we come out of the strict lockdown.
  7. If you have a partner – give them the space to do their own thing
    Lockdown can be a bit claustrophobic so where regulations allow it makes sense to do things apart, aswell as together. Sometimes we all need a bit of time out. 

    If our partners need time in their shed, garage, music studio or the garden, or out on their two wheels, then allow time for that too.

    However let’s not forget those that live alone, who may need more support in these lockdown times.

    What are your ways of surviving lockdown?

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