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ACQSYS is the concept of Bill Howie, who set up this unique asset management business in 2011, providing a recovery service for manufacturers, distributors and retailers who deliver products in re-usable transit equipment such as roll cages, totes and magnums.  ACQSYS reduces the £200 million lost each year in the UK by recovering the missing equipment and preventing further theft and misappropriation of it.

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Our Approach

The concept behind the business is unusual and the work we undertook was heavily focused on briefing the essence of the offer.  Overall Face Marketing project managed the design and build of a new website, video, blog, direct mail and social sites for ACQSYS. The site was delivered in one month.

The team approach enabled the web team to deliver striking and forceful graphics which supported clear and concise messaging. Face Marketing is managing the site and online customer communications and has achieved considerable success with from their outreach programme on sites such as Linkedin, with customer online newsletter response rates of over 25%.

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ACQSYS are exceeding expectations and are extremely pleased with the progress of the business. The ongoing marketing communications briefed and managed by Face Marketing have played a significant part in this success. The site continues to maintain its top position in Google search for key search terms such as transit equipment theft and recovery and the online newsletters deliver a significant number of quality leads for the business.

Bill Howie commented; “we could not have achieved this success without an effective website”.  Bill further comments “ie marketing were asked to produce a website from scratch, with no prior experience in our sector or understanding of the market we were addressing. They very quickly understood what we needed with help from Face Marketing and delivered a great product on time. I would recommend them without hesitation.”

Bill Howie, Chairman, ACQSYS

ACQSYS is just one of the new fast growing start up businesses benefiting from our innovative relationship approach to marketing.

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