How we’ll plan your campaigns and content to get your brand noticed
Integrating any new marketing or social activity into your marketing mix requires careful planning to ensure consistency of your customer’s brand experience.
Proven 4 step planning model
We use a proven 4 step planning model which ensures that your marketing activity happens as smoothly as possible.
1. Discovery and Listening Phase
We include a discovery and listening phase which makes sure that we have factored in all the current market challenges and opportunities. We plan carefully for the impact of any new marketing activity on your operations. It’s also important to understand the market perceptions about your brand and the conversations going on. We look closely at your customer and market data for key insights into customer preferences and unmet needs.
2. Setting Objectives
Aligning any marketing activity to your business goals is essential and why we like to keep these top of mind when planning, so that your Financial Director and your board understand how the marketing planning will improve your business.
3. How do we get there?
Project management skills are essential for ensuring that delivery happens and we ensure that these disciplines are in place for the roll out of any new marketing activities and campaigns we carry out for our clients.
4. How do we measure success?
We believe that all marketing activity should be measured which is why we believe in dashboards and regular monitoring and tracking.  

A team approach

We often work with carefully chosen cross functional client teams to ensure we drive the maximum benefit from the marketing activity chosen.

The whole customer journey

We think through the whole customer journey from the dream stage through to post purchase when planning any marketing or social activity and remember that internal communications can be as important as external.

Content strategy and planning

We provide frameworks for planning and curating the content to share with your target audiences. We understand the importance of “one size does not fit all” and customers want to be recognised and valued. They want content that is relevant to them and delivered as and when they want it, through whatever channel suits them.

Content creation and curation

Creating great content that your audiences engage with and Google respects requires innovative thought and attention to detail. We’ve developed award winning blog programmes and know how to optimise your content for each type of channel. We’ve also worked with 3rd party monitoring tools to better schedule and optimise your   blog and social content, which can greatly assist with productivity. 

Social media marketing

We’ve seen the dot com revolution and have trained up traditional marketing agency staff on social media and have been involved from the start so we know what works and what doesn’t.  We don’t claim to know everything as the social media landscape changes constantly but we invest in learning from the leading experts in each channel as to what works and what doesn’t which we share with you. We’ve run very successful campaigns for our clients and set up social media channels which are now serving hundreds of thousands of engaged fans and followers. We focus as much on targeting, process and measurement, as on content, to ensure that campaigns deliver.

Search engine optimisation

We understand how to optimise your content for search engines and that not all customers are created equal. We have experts that work tirelessly to keep your content visible and your domain authority strong in the eyes of Google. It’s an ongoing job and takes time to build quality, organic search engine traffic and we don’t promise what we can’t deliver. Algorithms and channels change and we believe in testing what works and looking at what the analytics and data tell us about your online customer behaviour.

Email marketing

We run measurable and affordable campaigns which are tested and GDPR compliant and can design branded templates to ensure consistency of your brand message every time.

Tracking your online visibility

We offer a very affordable weekly SEO tracking service to track your visibility, domain authority and most important keyword searches for your business, versus your key competitors.  

Consistent visual brand identity

We work hard to make sure that there is also consistency in the messaging, tone of voice and visual identity of your brand across any new campaigns, content or channels developed. We have delivered comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure consistent delivery of “on brand” communications both online and offline.

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